Flashable Zip SuperSU New Version 2019

This Super SU is the latest version made by Dev ChainfireXD, SuperSU has many advantages over other root management applications. Please download it.

Features of SuperSu

  • It grants root permission to the apps which requests for it. Users can deny or allow when the request pops up or allow access to every apps by turning on that option.
  • Supersu can also deny the root access if an app is given access.
  • Supersu also comes with Re-authentication option, which when turned on prompts when the app is updated or re installed.
  • It can unroot the device temporarily or completely.
  • Per app notification configuration
  • wake on prompt
  • Convert /System app
  • complete unroot with a click
  • Runs in Ghost Mode
  • OTA survival Mode
  • Per App Logging config
  • Adjsut Auto Deny
  • Time limit for root access for an app
Download Link

How to Install ?

Reboot recovery
Install Zip
Select New SuperSU.zip

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