Kernel DireWolf Gaming and Multitasking for Redmi 4A/5A (Rolex/Riva)

DireWolf Kernel is a new kernel and it works on both Redmi 4A and 5A. It is developed to give the maximum in every aspect of the device


  • Rebased now to new pie sources 
  • Linux version 3.18.131
  • Upto date with CAF changes
  • Unified for 4A and 5A
  • Better battery life and performance
  • Wireguard support
  • Supports spectrum profiles
  • Boeffla wakelock blocker
  • Overclocking and underclocking
  • Overclocked Audio processor
  • Overclocked Slimbus
  • Disabled CRC check for better io
  • Snappy compression and decompression
  • DTS eagle(New driver)
  • Overall sound tweakings
  • Governors: Electron, clarity, zzmoove, conservative, ondemand, userspace, interactive, powersave, performance
  • I/O schedulers: Maple(default), zen, noop, deadline, cfq, bfq

Must be on Oreo or Pie based on Fabian’s Unified Tree.
A custom recovery (TWRP) should be installed

Download LINK
Kernel Direwolr Redmi 4A/5A

How to flash

  1. Download the kernel zip from the link below
  2. Boot into recovery mode
  3. Select file
  4. Flash the zip
  5. Reboot
  6. Enjoy


  • Xda developed
  • LordArcadius (For helping me always)
  • 33bca (for his source)
  • Anoop
  • flar2
  • Team Infinity
  • sunnyraj84348
  • sayantan
  • frap129
  • franciscofranco
  • sultanxda
  • AnirudhGupta
  • Lazerlord(For battery profile)
  • All others devs and people 

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