Unofficial Custom ROM Pure Nexus [AOSP] for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X (Mido)

The Pure Nexus Project aims to bring stability and features to your Nexus device, while keeping Google’s vision in line and not straying too far away from that. If you are looking for a stable ROM with true tested features and minimal bugs, then this is the place to be.

Rom Info
Os Version : Android 7.1.2
Status : STABLE
Base : AOSP
Source : Xda


  • Based on AOSP Android 7.1.2_r6
  • Busybox, and Init.d support
  • Googles Pixel sounds and OEM wallpapers from factory images
  • Googles Pixel theme and Pixel navbar animation
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • UI Improvements (fixed a bunch google forgot to materialize)
  • Rootless Substratum OMS Theme Engine support
  • ADB enhancements (ADB over wifi, Hide ADB icon, colored logcat “abd logcat -C”)
  • Enabled Developer settings by default
  • Enabled Night mode for all devices
  • Custom night light brightness options
  • Disabled forced encryption
  • Disabled tether provision checks
  • Made preselectable item clickable in app picker dialog
  • Added download speed in notification
  • Added Advanced Reboot menu
  • Added Advanced screenshot functionality (longpress tile/power menu for selectable screenshot)
  • Added back volume adjust sounds and toggle
  • Added advanced rotation control and lockscreen rotation toggle
  • Added ability to lock app in landscape via rotation tile
  • Added advanced charging sound controls
  • Added advanced seekbar style animation controls
  • Added Quick setting header Longpress actions
  • Added ability to see app version when sideloading app
  • Added app package name to app info screen
  • Added ability to launch app when touching app icon in app info screen
  • Added phone info shortcut to about phone/status on top
  • Added dynamic vendor image notification
  • Added additional battery saver trigger steps
  • Added ability to unlink notification volume from ringer volume
  • Added Increasing ringtone option
  • Removed googles SystemUpdate option
  • Removed googles legal information
Download Link
How to Install
  • Rebot Recovery
  • Wipe
  • Install Firmware,Rom and Gapps
  • Reboot
  • enjoy
Xda Forum
The Cheeky Bastards – Bajasur, Dwitherell, DaveyAnnihalation, Surge1223!!!
The PureNexus Moderators – MicMars, Kris Nelson, Nathan Chance
The PureNexus Beta and Themer groups
The CyanogenMod Community
Dirty Unicorns
@BeansTown106 – for this awesome ROM
@jhenrique09 – for Source Code (
@abhishekh987-for Initial Mido device source’s
And all other open source Devs/Teams i may have missed!

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