[Official] Custom ROM DotOS 3.0 [Pie] for Redmi Note 4 (mido)

About Us :
dotOS is an Android ROM which focuses on performance and stability. We focus on making our rom look and feel great without struggling on Performance and Battery! So that one can get most out of his/her device.

ROM Info
ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
ROM Firmware Required: Must be On latest Firmware
Based On: AOSP
ROM Version: 3.0
Device: mido
Maintainer: Iacob Ionut
Build Status: OFFICIAL



  • Battery Icon Style
  • Clock and Date
  • Statusbar icons
  • Brightness Control
  • Show 4G icon instead LTE
  • Roaming Indicator
  • Battery Bar Customisation
  • Status Bar Gestures
  • Volte Icon Toggle


  • 3 finger swipe Screenshot
  • guesture
  • Battery light charging 
  • customisations
  • Toast app icon switch 

And more…

Download Link

ROM =>DotOS Downloads
ROM =>SourceForge(Link 2)
Gapps =>OpenGApps

Note: Pico, Nano or Micro Gapps are recommended. We don’t prefer STOCK/HEAVY Gapps

Donation Dev

Credit && Thanks
Alexc Brookes – Arts & Wallpaper Designer
Paul Petrov – Arts & UI Designer
@sayan7848, @zeelog, @warabhishek
Aosp Extended
Dirty Unicorns
And all other open source Devs/Teams.

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