Dr.Ketan ROM I SPay (Gear) for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Dr KetanROM Note 9

Dr.Ketan ROM I SPay (Gear) for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Exynoss (SM-G960F/FD)

ROM Info.
ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (N950F/FD)

Features :

  • – Based on official Pie – check changelog for exact Info
  • – DEX supported
  • – S Pay with Gear wearable (Only supported models) – Provided you have installed required packages and hidden ‘pay’ stuff with magisk hide.
  • – Included stock enforcing kernel
  • – PowerMenu/Data Toggle with Long Press Power 
  • – Reduced call disconnect delay.
  • – High Volume warning disabled
  • – Screenshot in Secure Tab (ROM Tool – Mod & Fix – Enable Dual SIM + SD)
  • – Denoxed with minimally debloated (tried to preserve most functions though)
  • – 3minit battery (ROM Tool)
  • – Clock Position (Lt/Center/Rt) on the fly
  • – Dual SIM + SD support aroma selection (Recommended to enable this mod later from ROM Tool)
  • – GoodLock included without CSC restrictions (ROM Tool – GoodLock)

ROM Control Fetures

  • Battery Bar with thickness and color option
  • Network meter with Toggle (Lt/Rt/Quick Panel/None) with color option
  • Virtual Key with Toggle (Lt side – Menu, Rt side – Power, Centre – Home)
  • Double tap statusbar to sleep
  • Navigation Bar color

Download Link

How To Install ?

  • Download ROM zip and place on Int Storage/Ext SD and check MD5
  • Reboot to recovery and select factory reset and flash ROM zip you have copied in step 1.
  • Let device boot,Read ROM specific instructions below.

Read this after boot !!
1. On boot, you will see a notification about don’t use any app that requires root, wait till that notification to disappear. This issue explained in MustRead.txt file in download area. Also after first boot, wait for ROM Tool to open, it will provide option for some important fix.

2. ROM doesn’t have any CSC included as now csc have separate partition (ODM). ROM will not erase/flash/modify files inside odm partition it and you will have your existing CSC even after flashing a ROM

3.Vendor partition may be included in ROM or available separately (Read changelog of version you are installing) .It is recommended to flash it specifically you are on different base.

4.Since Pie version, OEM is pre-fixed with kernel patch and after flashing ROM, you may find OEM option in developer settings but it will be disable, it is actually because of hack/fix applied. In real case if it is disabled then you may not able to boot rom with TWRP. Simply ignore it.

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Full Credit: Here

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