Kernel Gaming,Multitasking & Baterry Life for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Kernel Gaming Samsung Note 9

About Us
All kind of kernel optimization and speed and battery life,combination of All In One Kernel-AIO! Chosen carefully and precisely… collected and optimized specifically for our beloved Note 9 (N960F/FD) with a touch of love & passion.

Kernel Info.
For Oreo Only
Status: Stable

Kernel Special Features: GPU OC, GPU UV, F2FS, Custom CPU BUS, Debloated Code

  • Fully Supports F2FS to ./data & ./cache partitions
  • F2FS Tweaks further improving performance without sacrificing instabilities
  • Use CONFIG_HZ = 300
  • – This changes context switching interval from 4ms to 3.33ms
  • – Pixel used this for years and Google recommends other vendors to do the same for fewer jitters
  • Disabled vaultkeeper
  • Disabled bunch of security options that proved through my experience that causes overhead or performance degradation in general usage or operations
  • Disabled Unnecessary option or features
  • Undervolted GPU more across all frequencies
  • Optimized & Cleaned Code [Using my own method]
  • Improved & Optimized CPU idle power consumption
  • Removed all kinds of logging , debugging, tracing,etc.
  • GPU OC up to 775Mhz[Customized Voltage] (Might be unstable if G3D —-ASV value under 4
  • GPU decreased minimum frequency to 150Mhz
  • OC CPU Big to 2.9Ghz and Small to 2Ghz
  • Customized CPU Buses to reflect real world usage and to decrease power consumption
  • Customized CPU frequency scaling for more battery life
  • This kernel made for Gaming on Mind.. so expect higher FPS performance [Depends on your ASV level]
  • Safety mechanism is not touched
  • All kind of options that degrade performance is disabled
  • Complied with the latest GCC Compiler 8.3 [Modded Customized Version Made By Me]
  • IO & TCP mostly all available & disabled some TCP that doesn’t make sense
  • Always updated to the latest Linux upstream version

Download Link
Kernel :Download Here

How to Install ?

  1. Download my kernel through the link… [You will find it under [ASSETS] section
  2. Go into TWRP Recovery and Choose [Install] 
  3. Navigate to were your kernel is located
  4. Choose [Install Image] Option
  5. Choose [Boot] Partition
  6. Install Magisk if you want root 

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