Wolf kernel Final Multitasking and Gaming for Redmi Note 4X(Mido)

Kernel gaming Mido Pie oreo

Wolf Kernel Multi tasking and Gaming Final r12 for Mido (Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x)

Kernel Info.
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: r12
Stable Release Date: 2019-07-24

Android rom support: AOSP (or based on them)
Android version support:oreo,pie

Kernel Features:
OC and NO OC version
OC version:
CPU: 480 – 3033 MHz
GPU: 133 – 1166 MHz

NO OC version:
CPU: 480 – 2016 MHz
GPU: 133 – 650 MHz

Add New Govenor: barry_allen,bioshock,blu_active,cafactive,conservativex,darkness,dancedance,impulse,intelliactive,intellimm,interactivex,ironactive,lionheart,ondemandplus,ondemandx,preservative,smartassv2,smartmax,smartmax_eps,wave,wheatley,yankactive,zzmoove

  • CPU planning awake: yes
  • CPU Input Boost
  • CPU Voltage Control
  • GPU governors: msm-adreno-plus, adreno balanced, adreno guardian
  • GPU Adreno Idler
  • HotPlug: AutoMSP, Thunderplug, Lazyplug, Alucard Hotplug, Intelli Hotplug, Bluplug, Msm Hotplug, zen decision
  • Intellithermal
  • KCAL control
  • Backlight dimmer
  • Sound control
  • DTS Eagle audio support
  • I/O scheduler: anxiety, fifo, fioops, sio, sio plus, tripndroid, vr, zen
  • Selinux: Enforcing
  • Fast Charge: USB Yes
  • TCP Congestion Algorithms
  • CRC software control
  • Powersuspend
  • Wakelock Blockers
  • Fingerprint boost
  • Spectrum Support
  • Undervolt: -60mV
  • Linux Version: 3.18.140
  • Merged tag ‘LA.UM.7.5.r1-05300-8×96.0’

Download Link
Download => Here

How to install

  • Reboot to recovery
  • Install Kernel
  • reboot
  • done

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