Download TWRP for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Stable


Exynos ONLY.
In NO way it is compatible with Snapdragon variants including but not limited to American(U/A/T/P/V), Chinese(0/8/6), Hong Kong(0), Japanese(SC-*), Canadian(W) variants.

Special Notes:

  1. DON’T FORGET TO ENABLE “OEM UNLOCK” (located in Developers options).
  2. KNOX will be tripped once you flashed custom binaries to your phone.
  3. (Your warranty may be voided. However this may not affect you if your country forces Samsung to provide hardware warranty regardless of software status.)
  4. Samsung Firmware OTA (aka System Updates) will no longer work once you flashed custom binaries.
  5. (You can flash custom ROMs if you want to keep the OS up-to-date.)
  6. All apps that use KNOX like Samsung pay, Secure Folder and maybe more will no more work.

-Reverted MTP Changes from last build since for some mtp dont worked in system

– Fixed the bug that mtp dont worked any more on TWRP when usb cable got disconnected and reconnected
– Modded Kernel for have MTP in TWRP, Samsung Roms and GSI roms (for GSI Roms flash
– Reverted FFS MTP changes since new way is more stable

– Fixed MTP using FFS_MTP in recovery (Thx to @bigbiff for add FFS MTP support on TWRP 3.3.0. FFS_MTP dont corrupts large files like the mtp used by samsung in the roms)
– Removed File Based backups because the phone refuses to boot from filebased backups since they breaks the rootfs

-Initial Release

Download Link

  • TWRP for Samsung Galaxy Note Note 10(Exynos variants – N970/971/975/976/N/F/B): Download Here

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