Google Camera APK 7.5 for Oppo A15

Gcam untuk oppo a15

Google Camera or what is commonly known as Gcam has now reached a high version. The camera application that was originally only available on Google Pixel series smartphones from Pixel 1 to now Pixel 4 has been successfully modified by developers so that it can be used on many smartphones.

Ok for this thread I will share this Gcam Mod or Google Camera mod for oppo a15, just go ahead and without further ado, here is how to install Gcam or Google Camera for oppo a15.

GCam 7.5 is the latest version which is aimed to work on the Android 11 update and brings the following features on table:
  • Motion Blur
  • Audio Zoom
  • Flash Intensity
  • Video sharing
The Google Camera 7.5 is the latest version which is available to download ONLY for Google Pixel phones. For rest of the world, you can try the the GCam 7.4.
The very first in this series was the GCam version 7.0 which was compatible with Android 10 update, which was a major version upgrade. This version brought the Astrophotography mode and Social sharing as some noticeable feature additions. Since then all other GCam 7.x update including this GCam 7.3 did not bring any big feature update or additions.
Below are some of the GCam 7.4 port available from various developers. If you certainly know that the GCam APK port from a specific developer works on your phone, then you can try one directly.
If not sure, I will recommend you to visit the device specific GCam page listed below. The device specific page contains tried and tested versions of compatible GCam for a phone.

Selecting the oppo a15 Google Camera App

First go to the Here page and select the Gcam application you want to install. If you are confused about choosing the application, you can use the following application recommendations from the developer:

Download Gcam App for oppo a15
okay if all the versions above don’t work, choose this gcam which you can download below

How to Install Google Camera on oppo a15

If you have determined the Gcam application, then install the application as usual on your smartphone. To activate the Astrophotography Mode feature on the Gcam Mod for oppo a15, do the following steps:

Enter the Gcam Settings menu then scroll down to select About modification and then click the Developer Settings menu. On the developer menu, enable the following options:

  • camera.cuttle.darken
  • camera.cuttle.extended
  • camera.cuttle.extended_iterable_burst

After that the Gcam will restart and to try using Astrophotography mode, just enter the Night Sight Mode menu then change the timer to 3 seconds and focus on infinity.

Keep in mind, when Astrophotography mode is active, Gcam will take pictures with a longer duration than regular night sight. So it is recommended to use a tripod so that the results of Astonomi photos with Gcam for oppo a15 are maximized.

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