About Gather For This site or Blog shares some of the Custom ROMs available in the head menu. Here we also provide some Applications, News and Information, Networking Computer Techniques and Tips & Trick published on this blog. 

Custom ROM
 It is “CUSTOM” which means different from the original or has been modified and “ROM” is storage that can only be read so the point is “Custom ROM” is just a display that has been edited from the Android source system by Dev which is made Zip then in Install via TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) .

Here we share FREE “PRO” or “Paid” Applications. Please search for the application you want on this website.

News and Information
We will update the technology news about the gadget or smartphone. Now, look forward to the update.

Tips and Trick
Share Unique Tips and Tricks about Smartphones or Others.

Network Engineering
Are you “NETWORK ENGINEERING” Department? Don’t hesitate, we are here to share about many things for the “NETWORK ENGINEERING” course about Microtic Routing etc.